2-2-1 last week, so I have now gone winless in 4 weeks.  31-23-1 now on the season, which is fine but it’s just not good enough.  Not for you, the soupaholics!  You don’t just want soups, you want some ******* crackers with your soups!  See what I did there?  Pretty clever hey?  I’m soups, crackers, the money you would win would be the crackers, just brilliant.  I will tell you, if there is one thing I’m good at, it’s looking good.  But if there is another thing I’m good at, it’s having an amazing website where I simply pimp my opinion like I know it all.  But if there is another thing I’m good at it’s making football picks…nearly half the time.  But if there is yet one more thing I’m good at it would be making….cereal?  I’m sorry I got bored with my own joke and completely forgot where I was going with all that.


Atlanta at Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay +2.5

I’m maybe missing something here, but the Bucs are getting 2.5 points in this game and I’m scratching my head.  The Bucs are RED hot right now.  They really pissed me off last week because had they not made that amazing 4th quarter comeback against the Panthers I would have been 3-1-1.  But they did and now they play the Falcons at home still with an eye on the division.  The Falcons are not playing well right now.  They lost to the Saints, they barely beat the Cardinals at home, and Julio Jones is beat up which is a big part of their offense.  I love the Bucs getting points at home.


Denver at Kansas City

Denver -11.5

Ah hell, why not?!  The Broncos are on the road, it’s a divisional game, they just lost their starting RB, but as you’re going to read this week I’m not messing around and just taking the smart bet.  Don’t try to out think the room, just be smart about it.  Let’s see…the Broncos have the better offense, better defense, better coach, it’s a bigger game for them, they’re the hotter team, the Chiefs can’t score, the Broncos have Manning who will never let his team take anyone lightly, this all adds up to a Broncos blowout.  Maybe they won’t, but the smart bet is taking the Broncos even with a big gap like 11.5 to make up.


Seattle at Miami

Miami +3.5

Another home dog, and I love this one.  Seattle is great at home but they’re just a different team on the road.  That is a VERY long flight from Seattle to Miami.  The Seahawks will start this game at 10AM PST.  That’s going to be awkward for them.  And the Dolphins have had 10 days off now.  I wouldn’t sell on the fish just yet, like everyone seems to be doing.  Ryan Tannehill is now healthy and had a full week at practice so that is huge in itself.  If you have a big urge to pick an upset this week I would recommend the Dolphins.


Baltimore at San Diego

Baltimore -1.5

Big fan of this pick.  Look, I know the thinking here.  The Ravens are flying cross country and that’s going to tough for them.  Right, it will be and I just picked the Seahawks for a lot of those reasons.  But the Seahawks are terrible on the road, the Ravens aren’t.  The Ravens also are coming off playing the Steelers.  Right, but the Chargers just played the Broncos and don’t think that isn’t just as physical of a team.  The Ravens are a MUCH better team than the Chargers.  I love that they’re only favored by 1.5.  Maybe they lose, but taking the Ravens here is the smart pick so roll with it.  The Chargers will turn the ball over 2 or 3 times in this game which could make the difference.


Green Bay at NY Giants

Green Bay +2.5

I love this pick too, see a trend?  I do understand the Giants are at home and they’re coming off the bye week.  But the Packers are simply a much better team right now.  The Giants have been terrible of late and even at their best I’m not sure the G men would be more than 3 point favorites at home against the Pack.  Again, this is the smart pick.  You have the hotter and more talented team getting points.  Take that.  It might be wrong, the Giants may have got their shit together during the bye week and are now going to cruise the rest of the way.  But the smart bet is the Pack getting points.


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