We’re seriously already at week 13?!  I might be getting worried now about the NHL lockout not being over with now that it’s the last season of college ball and only a month left of regular season NFL.  That might be the downside but the upside is I’m back to winning!  I don’t know what the deal is because I feel like I’m picking great yet I’m barely scraping together a record of 1 game over .500 in the last 2 weeks and had 3 straight losing weeks prior to that.  34-25-1 on the season….I like it, but I haven’t had a 4-1 since I believe week 6.  Unacceptable!  I need to come through for you, the loyal soupaholics!  All 6 of you!  I was once in a group dubbed “the sexy 6″…..I kid you not!


Indianapolis at Detroit

Indianapolis +5.5

I’m shocked.  I would have guessed this would be Detroit -3.  Take this and run.  Also take the over, although this won’t count for my picks the over of 51 seems like a safe bet in this game as well.  The Lions will score on Indy’s defense no question, but Luck should shred the Lions D as well.  I know the Lions will have had 10 days off by kick off, but it’s been a circus in Detroit with all the talk of weather Suh did or didn’t intentionally kick Matt Schaub, and now the Titus Young mess.  That Houston loss had to of been a death blow for this young and overly emotional team.  If the Colts were only getting 3.5 I would say take it and run.  5.5 is just a sweet bonus.  #chuckstrong


San Francisco at St. Louis

St. Louis +7.5

I don’t know why this line is so big and I really don’t know why the large majority of the money is on the 49ers.  Jump all over the Rams here and I will give you a ton of reasons why.  They tied the niners in San Fran, this is the niners 2nd straight game on the road, and the one I love is that I believe this is the game Colin Kaepernick takes a step back.  I’m a big fan of this kid and I haven’t just now jumped on the bandwagon.  Loved him in college, trusted that Harbaugh knew what he was doing when he picked him (especially when they could have had Locker, Gabbert, Ponder, or Dalton), and believe he is the right choice for them at QB going forward.  BUT, the Bears didn’t have any film on him and I believe that is why he was able to shred that defense.  Then in New Orleans he played pretty good against a terrible defense although I do understand it was on the road and the Superdome is a tough place to play.  The Rams will stop him.  They have great corners, they have film on him now, and they’re at home.  7.5 is just way too big of a number here.  I know the Rams shit the bed at home against the Jets, but this is a solid football team.  Take the points.  Maybe I’m crazy here, but if for some reason you need an upset pick this week I like the Rams to pull it off.


Seattle at Chicago

Seattle +3.5

I’m not a fan of the Seahawks on the road.  I’m even less of a fan of the Seahawks in their 2nd straight game on the road.  However Jay Cutler will wear the Seahawks d-line all day Sunday and the Adderalled combo of Sherman and Browner still in the backfield when Jay can get a throw off.  The Seahawks defense could be a nightmare for the Bears.  If the Seahawks are smart they’ll give Marshawn Lynch 30-40 touches in this game and let him do his thing.  It might be Russell Wilson vs the mighty Bears defense, but this kid makes very few mistakes where Cutler makes many.  I expect the Seahawks to dominate the turnover battle and keep this game within a field goal.


Cincinnati at San Diego

Cincinnati -2

Vegas….get off the Chargers already!!!  Man alive I’ll admit last week my pick of the Ravens -1.5 had me scared when it was 4th and 29, but they’re the CHARGERS!  This team is a complete disaster right now.  This week, the Bengals aren’t much bigger favorites and they come in having just played an easier game than the Ravens had the week before, it’s not as long of travel for the Bengals, the Bengals are healthier than the Ravens were, and they have almost as much talent as the Ravens do.  Rivers has no targets left.  Teams know they can take away Gates and force him to rely on Floyd and Meachem and you can’t rely on those 2.  The Bengals are the smart bet here, if it gets to -3.5 however, then I would suggest taking the Chargers.


NY Giants at Washington

Washington +2.5

The Redskins haven’t been on this big of a stage in a LONG time.  It’s Monday night, with a win they still have a look at the division.  And they’re playing the defending champs.  I do realize that the Giants are great on the road but the problem is that this team gets disinterested.  I’m not sure with a comfortable lead now in the division that they’ll be at their best in this game.  Add to this, the Redskins will have had 11 days off.  Just about everyone will pick the Giants in this game, and when everyone goes 1 way….go the other!


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