Here is a shock…3-2 in College, 2-3 in NFL.  I’m well beyond annoyed with this season.  And I’ve had 2 big weeks in the last month or so, but it is hopeless to get on any kind of roll.  I got 4 weeks left to put together some sort of streak though.  A hot streak to end the season and I’ll end over .500.  Easier said than done, but here’s hoping this is the start of that hot streak.


Detroit at Philadelphia

Detroit +3

The Eagles have home field in the elements against a dome team.  But the Lions are the more more balanced team.  The Eagles aren’t really built to play in the elements either so that actually likely won’t be an advantage for them.  Also working the Lions is they’re playing on 10 days rest, where the Eagles are coming off a game against a pretty physical Cards team.  Really like the Lions in this spot.


Kansas City at Washington

Washington +3

I’m doing it again, I’m calling out Vegas for baiting.  No way does it make any sense that the Redskins are only 3 point dogs in this game.  The odds makers know something here that we don’t, there is black ice on this road so just turn the vehicle around and head home!  I don’t see any reason at all here as to why this line isn’t Washington +7, and when it is that blatant then more often than not, Vegas is looking for you to fall for it.


Minnesota at Baltimore

Baltimore -6

Just 6?  Maybe this game is just like the Redskins game, but 6 points is enough in my mind to be out of “suspicious” range.  Minnesota is terrible, it’s a dome team playing outdoors in December, the Ravens just had 10 days off just like the Lions, and this Ravens D has turned into what a lot of people suspected it could be going into week 1 before they got shelled by Peyton Manning.  They’re one of the best in the league and will slow down Adrian Peterson, especially with him being the only threat for the Viks.


Seattle at San Francisco

Seattle +2.5

You know all week I’ve been thinking that for sure this would be the game where the Seahawks drop their 2nd of the season.  As much as I point out the flaws this team has, Russell Wilson is special and a special QB can cover up a TON of warts.  I still think those issues and more so the organization not addressing them will come back to bite them in the ass, but the Niners simply haven’t been good this season.  It really isn’t close between these two teams right now.  I also believe that if you have a D that makes Colin Kaepernick think, he can’t do it.  To beat this D I believe you need to be able to process the game at an elite level, and even then it is tough (see Drew Brees).  San Fran has only beat 1 team with a winning record this season (although Green Bay would have one if Rodgers were healthy).  Even on a short week the Seahawks I believe take it outright.


Carolina at New Orleans

Carolina +3.5

I’m starting to become a believer in the Panthers, but this is a tricky game to pick.  On one hand, the Saints are incredible at home, and the Panthers D hasn’t had to go against an offense like this.  But on the other hand, the Saints are coming off a game against a Seahawks team who beat teams up, and they played on Monday night so they’re on short rest.  It’s another case of that half point being the key.  Panthers can give that field goal and that is key so I’ll take the Panthers to keep this one tight.


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