I don’t know if that’s a good title for this piece but you’ll see how it ties in shortly.  So wasn’t it just this time last season where the media was drooling all over how amazing RGIII was?  That happened didn’t it?  The reason I ask is because I feel like it didn’t.  I feel like it was just my imagination or maybe it happened in a dream and in reality he is a complete bust of a draft pick who has set the Redskins back even further.  Isn’t that fact?  Because that’s what it feels like.


Prior to last season, then Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora (would you believe I spelled it right the first try?!) said the line that Jim Rome has ran with ever since about how until he does something in this league he will be known as “Bob Griffin” (as opposed to RGIII).  Well now the local Washington media, and really the American media have completely jumped off his bandwagon and he’s back to being Bob Griffin after being RGIII all last season (if you follow).


How do you just jump off a kids bandwagon this fast?!  The kid is coming off having his ACL reconstructed, he is only in his 2nd season (I could have sworn there was something called the “sophmore slump”…) and the Red…s….nope I can’t say it.  The NFL team in Washington isn’t exactly loaded with talent in case anyone cares to notice.  If you traded Griffin for Cam Newton right now I have a feeling each teams record would be pretty much the exact same as they are.


Now I know this is a crazy thought here…but how about we maybe hold off absolutely CRUSHING RGIII and chalk it up to a bad year for the Redskins?  But I’m different.  I didn’t gush over the kid after last season.  I expected a damn good season, yet that Luck was always going to be the better QB.  In fact, in my preseason predictions for the 2012 season, this is what I wrote:


“Offensive rookie of the year

Robert Griffin III

Although some know him as “Bob Griffin”, he will earn the RGIII moniker by seasons end.  Andrew Luck is going to be the better QB in my mind, but this season Griffin will have better numbers.  More talent around him and the ability to really run (that I think could hurt him in time) are the big reasons I think that THIS season Griffin will be the top offensive rookie.”


So perhaps I just expected it where most of the media had different expectations.  But I’m telling you, now is the time to jump on this guys bandwagon.  When everyone sells, you buy.  This is a kid that does have the talent to stand in the pocket and make throws.  He will get better with picking his spots as far as knowing when to run and knowing when to stay in the pocket.  He’s in his 2nd season!  He’s just come a brutal ACL injury!  He’s still hurt!!!  Let’s settle down on writing this kid off.


I do understand those who believe the Redskins should deal RGIII and go with Kirk Cousins starting next season.  Cousins looks like the real deal (I personally was a huge fan of him entering that draft and believed he should have been a mid to late 1st round pick), and is a pocket passer.  But you’re playing with fire taking that risk.  I personally would hold onto both for 1 more season.  In doing so you may cost yourself a bit as to what the return could be, but this is deciding your franchise QB.  Just a TAD more vital to a franchise than getting a 1st round pick as opposed to a 2nd round pick.


But I’m begging everyone to just chill on ripping apart RGIII.  He’s going to be a top 15 QB in this league for the next 10 years.  He’s talented, he’s smart, and even if the reports of him being a prima donna are true he will learn.  Not every 2nd year starter is Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson in terms of maturity.  Those 2 are insanely mature for their age.   The problem for guys like Griffin and Colin Kaepernick is they have to be compared to those two guys.  They’re actually more so like all other 2nd year QB’s.


Maybe Griffin will never get back to what he was last season.  Maybe he will always be hurt like Michael Vick.  Maybe he is a diva who will never win over the locker room.  Maybe.  But how about we wait and see how things play out?


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