russell_wilson_seahawks_4Been a LOOOOONNNNNGG week in the NFL!  But personally I don’t really care who saw what with the Ray Rice incident.  I care that Rice got at least a LITTLE of what he had coming to him, but the witch hunt by the media doesn’t really pump me up as I vented about the other day on here, and to Bruce Arthur of all people on twitter.  I’m a BIG Bruce Arthur fan, I even did a piece about him on here last year that he read!  The guy is a beauty, I just really disagree not only with him on the whole Roger Goodell story (which the media has now turned it into) but the large majority of the media….and fans.  Just my opinion and I feel very strongly that it isn’t about wanting Goodell out for the right reasons, it’s about wanting him out because of what an enormous story it would be.  I love football, and I’ll continue to watch the 95% or more of NFL players who don’t mess up off the field, and I’ll try to be better than I was last week only going 1-4 ATS, 2-4 if you include the over/under pick I made.  It hasn’t been a good start to picking games so far this season…to say the least!


Arizona at NY Giants

Arizona +1

Now this won’t be one of my picks officially this week.  Unless I win of course….but the reason I bring it up is because I got this game at Arizona getting a point, first seen it with Arizona getting 2 points, and now they’re 3 point favorites, that’s since Tuesday morning.  That is CRAZY!!!  The Giants are awful, so the Cards should win, but I will point out that it might be a tough game for the Cards going to the East coast and it being an 10 AM start for the Cards.  Just saying be careful with what the line could be.


Detroit at Carolina

Detroit +2.5

Watch for this line to get to +3.  Right now the Lions getting 2.5 is nearly even money.  The Giants are bad, but Lions still looked great Monday night.  It is concerning that the Lions are on a short week and going on the road.  But Cam Newton has been beat up, obviously didn’t play last week, and hasn’t worked much with these receivers.  This Lions offense looks unstoppable and their D was much better.  Again, the Giants are horrible, but some of that was the Lions and Ziggy Ansah in particular.  They’ll get after Newton, and the Panthers secondary won’t stop the Lions elite passing attack so I like the Lions to pull the upset here.


Jacksonville at Washington

Jacksonville +6

I’m taking Jacksonville again this week as a big dog on the road, mainly because the Redskins are a mess and shouldn’t be 6 point favorites vs anyone right now in any stadium.  The Jags were terrible in the 2nd half last week in Philly.  Sure, an amazing coach made tremendous halftime adjustments which led the Eagles to a 34-0 2nd half, but no team should be beat 34-0 in one half in this league.  I expect a 60 minute effort from the Jags this week.


New Orleans at Cleveland

Cleveland +6.5

Right now it’s 6.5, wait on this one though because by kickoff it might get to 7 or 7.5.  New Orleans on the road, outdoors, I know the Browns are the Browns but the Saints just aren’t the same team when the elements come into play.  And the Browns nearly pulled off an incredible comeback and upset last week in Pittsburgh and could have a little momentum off that 2nd half performance.  Saints win, but I’m thinking the Browns keep it tight.


Seattle at San Diego

Seattle -6

When I wrote this initially it was at 5, but it’s moved to 6.  Everytime I expect the Seahawks to fail they don’t, anytime I expect them to do good they do better.  So I’m just done with it.  Listening to Colin Cowherd do his picks on Friday, then R.J. Bell from telling him that the bettors “STRONGLY” agree with taking the Chargers at home +6 is discouraging.  I never do that, but I’m going to here.  The Seahawks are the exception to the rules and I think it’s a smart play to just take them in all bets with very few exceptions.  In this case, they’ve had 10 days off, the Chargers are on a short week.  The Seahawks aren’t as good on the road, but they’re still on the West coast.  I really like Seattle here to dominate the Chargers.  If I’m wrong with them, I’m wrong but I’m done with betting against this team in anyway!


NY Jets at Green Bay

NY Jets +8.5

I don’t like the Jets at all.  I mean I have nothing against them, but I just don’t like the way the team in constructed.  But they shouldn’t be 8.5 point dogs in this game.  Their D will give the Packers fits and the Pack proved in Seattle that their D is still awful.  I won’t be all that shocked if the Jets pull the upset in this game, and I don’t really have any reason to think that.  Heck, the Pack have been off for 10 days and likely have a bad taste in their mouths from the opener, but I just think the Jets are a bad matchup for the Pack much the same way the Niners and Seahawks are.


Philadelphia at Indianapolis

Over 53.5

Maybe this will become a weekly thing.  I was looking at the odds and seen this one and simply love it.  These 2 teams will go off, I have very little doubt.  How this isn’t 56.5 or 57 I don’t know, and even then I don’t think that number would be enough.  Indy can’t stop anyone and the Eagles aren’t stopping Luck.  37-34?  40-37?  Very likely.


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