I had a 3-2 week, but I’m still only 5-7 on the season.  Unacceptable and as I bitched and moaned about in my college picks I can’t get much for a bounce so far this season.  Actually its not so much about getting a bounce, as it is having all the bounces go against me.  Such is the life of betting sports.  Colin Cowherd’s new thing when making his picks is “we’re betting beer and smokes money, your cable bill is on you….get a job!”  Couldn’t agree more!  Don’t bet what you can’t lose.  But bet your life on these picks….


Arizona at New Orleans

Arizona +7

I’m shocked at this line, but then again I’ve been shocked by a lot of lines I was wrong about this season.  But the Cardinals are still for some reason getting underrated by Vegas, or perhaps the public and Vegas is just having fun at their expense.  Anyway, you wouldn’t think these 2 would have a low scoring, defensive struggle but I kind of expect it this week…at least defensive struggle compared to how these teams used to play.  Saints offense is struggling a bit out of the gates despite their 2 wins and the Cardinals have a lot of weapons but don’t have a run game to support Carson Palmer, but they have talent all over the field on the other side of the ball.  Cardinals may not win, but I love them getting 7.


Green Bay at Cincinnati

Cincinnati +3

Getting 3 points at home…ok.  The Bengals have a MUCH more complete team.  On a neutral field or in Green Bay I would love the Packers in this spot.  And I know the Bengals are on a short week, but they just match up well with the Pack.  If I’m Jay Gruden this is the week I really look to dominate the middle of the field with Gresham and Eifert.  The Packers simply will not have an answer for them.  They didn’t look that good on Monday night, which is why I believe they’re 3 point dogs here.  Take the Bengals getting points.


St.Louis at Dallas

St.Louis +3.5

As you know, I love the Rams and was shocked they didn’t cover that spread last week.  Came close, but a brutal start couldn’t be overcome.  But its a similar matchup this week against the Cowboys.  Lots of talent, but the Rams have them beat on the lines.  And AT&T stadium (I THINK that’s what it is now called) isn’t as tough of a stadium to play in as the Georgia Dome is.  I do think the Cowboys win a tight game, but it will be a tight game.


Buffalo at NY Jets

Buffalo +2.5

Bills win this game outright.  I know the Jets will have had 10 days off, that is definitely an advantage.  But man alive is Geno Smith inaccurate.  And the Bills defense is pretty good.  They aren’t great, but they will give Smith as much or more trouble than the Pats defense did.  And I love E.J. Manuel.  He won’t have a good statsistical game this week, the Jets D is still the Jets D.  But he will make some throws, more than Smith, to get the Bills a win on the road.


Chicago at Pittsburgh

Chicago -2.5

I found out something about the Steelers on Monday night…they’re bad!  Like REALLY bad!  The Bengals didn’t play well, yet the Steelers were even worse.  Then you have the Bears who have looked great in 2 games thus far and yet the betting public seems to be sleeping on them still.  They don’t trust Jay Cutler.  Well I do this season and the reason isn’t because I’m a Marc Trestman homer.  But it is because Cutler has an offensive mind helping him run the offense in Trestman.  Cutler looks great, and to my surprise their defense has been ok (although 30 points at home to the Vikings isn’t a great sign).  They won’t need to be great vs the Steelers.  I’m one of the very few Roethlisberger supporters, but he has next to nothing to work with on offense.  Bears win by at least a field goal.



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