This site has basically become soups on betting the last few weeks.  7-3 now on the season through 2 weeks, wish I could quit while I was ahead.  Unfortunately I can’t.  Nope, I have the unbearable task of keeping up my run of amazingness.  Expectations are through the roof, and you all expect this unbelievable high you’re experiencing to last throughout the season.  Now I know how John Anthony felt.  Remember him?  2 for the Money?  Yeah, people depended on him to keep winning, and look what happened.  That one dude had it all and then went broke…and it was all John’s fault!!!  (even though his real name was Brandon, not John….well actually in real life his name is Mathew…)  Here are your winners.


Kansas City at New Orleans

Kansas City +9

I know, the Chiefs have been killed in their first 2 games.  And I know know the Saints are 0-2, they’re at home, and really hungry for a win.  They likely will.  But know that the Saints desperately miss Sean Payton.  The offense is a bit of a mess without him, and the defense is terrible.  Matt Cassel flat out sucks, but that offense is good enough to do some damage against the Saints D, and the Chiefs D will get it going sooner or later.  They have too much talent on that side of the ball not to.  Take the Chiefs and the points in this one.


St. Louis at Chicago

St. Louis +7.5

I love this bet.  I actually look at the lines Monday morning to see if one jumps out at me, this was the one.  I got it at +8, it went down to 7.5 in a few hours, was at 7, now back to 7.5.  And I’m betting you think I like it because the Bears were such a mess last week.  Sort of…but not really.  Yes, the Bears o-line got massively exposed and the Rams will be able to put as much pressure on Jay Cutler.  But Cutler will play better.  In my season previews I said the Rams DB’s would have a chance to be great and so far this season they have not disappointed.  The Rams can keep up in this game, if not win it outright.


Tampa Bay at Dallas

Tampa Bay +8

This one I got at +7 on Monday and now it’s at +8 and I have no clue as to why.  It’s another one of those that scares me because I see zero reason why the Bucs should be this big of an underdog after looking so good in the first 2 weeks and Dallas having their history of inconsistent play.  And as I say with just about every dog I take, Dallas likely wins the game, but Tampa is just way too talented to bet against when they’re getting 8 points.


Atlanta at San Diego

Atlanta +3.5

The dogs are 4 fo 4 thus far!  I don’t just picks dogs, but this week seems to be just loaded with dogs that are getting way too many points, and this one seems like a dream!  The Falcons went on the road and put up 40 in KC, then looked impressive at home against the Broncos on Monday night.  I understand it’s a dome team going outside, it’s cross country, and it’s a short week.  But the Falcons are the better team.  The Chargers beat the Raiders who have been terrible, and the Titans who have been worse.  Plus you can’t trust the Chargers early in the season.  They’re 2-0?!  They can’t go 3-0, not with Norv Turner as head coach.  Take the points.


Houston at Denver

Houston -1.5

I had to take at least 1 favorite right?!  It does scare me that Manning will be PISSED coming into this game.  All he has heard about by Sunday is how his arm is weak and he can’t make a throw past 15 yards.  I expect him to be much better.  But unfortunately for the Broncos this Texans team is scary good.  The defense is lights out, the running game is the best in the league, and when needed Matt Schaub can team up with Andre Johnson to light up secondaries.  -1.5 is nothing, so I think the Texans are a pretty safe bet.


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