11-4!  Unreal, I go 0-5 in my CFB picks, yet I’m 8-2 in my last 2 NFL weeks.  That’s picking against the spread for you.  But how about those refs hey?!  Man alive this league is great to watch with these guys running around pretending to be referees.  It’s pretty cute when you think about it.  But the real refs will be back starting tonight.  Could it be that my great streak was due to these tools embarrassing themselves?  I hope not, but I guess we are about to find out…dun dun duuuuuuuuun!


Carolina at Atlanta

Carolina +7

I’m pumped cause I got this at +8.5 for myself, unfortunately you have to take it at +7.  Still a good bet though.  I know, the Falcons have been outstanding in their first 3 games.  And the Panthers looked terrible against the Giants, and seemed to be in a state of flux.  But it’s in division, those games are NEVER easy.  The Panthers will play their best game of the season thus far, and the Falcons will have a bit of a let down after such an easy win in San Diego.  Plus, Carolina will have 10 days off and the Falcons had a late afternoon game followed by flying back across the country.  May not seem like much but it does have an effect on players.  Panthers will keep this one close.


San Diego at Kansas City

Kansas City -1

An unreal comeback win for the Chiefs in New Orleans kept their season alive.  This team wasn’t going to be one of those rare teams to make the playoffs after starting 0-3.  They’re on cloud 9 heading into the divisional matchup against the Chargers who are coming off a humiliating loss to the Falcons at home.  Sounds like a good chance at a bounce back game for the Chargers, and they have a big QB advantage in this one.  But I’ve said it before and will say it again, outside of QB the Chiefs have one of the most talented teams in the league.  I like Crennel as a coach better than Turner, I don’t like the Chargers offense right now despite having Phillip Rivers, and I believe Charles could have another big day running the ball.  Take the Chiefs in this spot.


San Francisco at NY Jets

San Francisco -4

It’s simple here, no Revis means bad things for the Jets.  That defense isn’t going to be anywhere near as good without him, and the niners offense is good enough to expose the weakness they now have at corner.  Sanchez isn’t a good enough QB to take over against this niners defense either.  I know San Fran looked bad last week and the Jets looked ok, but I believe the niners bounce back despite travelling cross country and being on the road for the 3rd time in 4 weeks.  I expect them to come out with a big effort and the Jets having trouble keeping up with them.


New Orleans at Green Bay

New Orleans +7.5

Well this should just be a great game to watch!  The Saints are really desperate at this point, and the Pack are going to have the biggest chip on their shoulders you will ever see.  I will take the Saints.  Short week for the Pack, had to go up to Seattle, Saints are desperate, more than a touchdown is just too many points.  The Packers defense has looked a lot better in the last 2 weeks, but I believe Drew Brees will be able to exploit it.  I think the vast majority of people will take the Packers believing they will be out for blood, and when everyone goes one way it’s best to go the other.


NY Giants at Philadelphia

NY Giants +1.5

Why does Vegas LOVE the Eagles so much?!  They’re now 0-3 against the spread this season, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why they are 1.5 point favorites in this game.  Giants had 10 days off, Eagles had a normal weeks rest.  Giants only went to Charlotte, Philly had to go to Glendale for a late afternoon game.  The Giants are the defending champs, the Eagles didn’t make the playoffs last year.  Eli Manning is great, Michael Vick has the most turnovers in the league.  Andy Reid is a great coach but so is Tom Coughlin. I don’t get it.  Look, it COULD be one of those games where the line is bizarre and then it comes and bites you in the ass, I was worried about that 2 weeks ago with the Eagles/Ravens game.  But even though the Eagles won, the Ravens +2 was the winning bet.  Don’t try to get cute here.  If that happens it will suck, but the smart bet is without a doubt the Giants with the points in this game.


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