Another winning week, 4 fo 4 so far this season as far as winning weeks go.  14-6 overall, that’s 70% kids!  Unreal hot streak to start the season….for me at least.  And compared to my CFL and college football picks lately some might think this is more of a fluke than fact.  To those people all I have to say is KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!  Tebow won games, Vince Young made pro bowls, the Jets made 2 AFC championship games with Mark Sanchez as their QB!!!  So miracles do happen and I will look to keep those miracles going this week.


Atlanta at Washington

Atlanta -3

The Redskins are getting way too much credit here….or the Falcons aren’t getting enough.  Last week’s close win against the Panthers wasn’t any shock to me (which is why I had the Panthers +7) because that’s what always happens with divisional games!  The skins 2 wins may have come on the road, but the Saints are terrible and the Bucs defense let them down late.  Washington isn’t very good.  RGIII is an amazing talent but he is still figuring it out and against a vastly improved Falcons defense under Mike Nolan I believe the Falcons come out of here with a convincing victory.


Cleveland at NY Giants

Cleveland +9

Not much explanation should be needed here if you have paid attention to the Giants over the last 3 or 4 years.  When they’re the favorite, they’re terrible.  Add to this the Browns are still going to be desperate for their 1st win and they’ve had 10 days off after the Thursday night game in Baltimore.  I don’t know how to explain it on the field, you can’t.  But all I know is the Giants are never good in these games so I expect that to continue.


Green Bay at Indianapolis

Indianapolis +7

This is another game that I can’t really explain but I fully expect this to happen.  The Pack aren’t the same right now.  I expect them to get it going but until they do then I have to think their inconsistent play will continue.  The Colts are coming off a bye week, they’re getting 7 at home, and they’re playing for their coach as Chuck Pagano has been diagnosed with leukemia.  The Colts will play great I have no doubt of this and while the Pack should still win it will be a close, hard fought game.


San Diego at New Orleans

San Diego +3.5

One team is 0-4, the other is 3-1.  I get it, the public thinks that THIS is the week that Brees and the Saints really bust out.  Well, they might win, but to bet against the spread here would be flat out stupid.  You are getting more than a field goal here.  I know I hate Norv Turner as a coach and I don’t trust the Chargers despite a 3-1 start and despite a very impressive win in Kansas City.  But again, it would be stupid not to take the points here, so take them!


Houston at NY Jets

Houston -8

This SHOULD be a blowout.  Doesn’t mean it will be, but it should be.  I would be shocked if the Texans didn’t win this game by 14 or more.  Holmes is now out for the year, Revis is out for the year, and the Tebow distraction is getting louder and louder.  This is the best team in football against the best mess in football.  Don’t let 2-2 fool you with the Jets, those wins were against an average Bills team, and a bad Dolphins team.  The Jets defense might be able to contain the Texans run game, but Andre Johnson should be able to completely torch their secondary.


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