ANOTHER losing week, back to 4 games under .500…or is it 5?  I don’t know anymore, I’m just pissed about how this season is going that’s all I know!  3 straight weeks I’ve called the Vegas “bait” game.  The Bengals only 4.5 point favorites at Cleveland, the Pats only something like 1 point favorites at Cincy, and then last week the Chargers/Colts game was a pick’em at one point!  Why in the hell would the Chargers not be dogs to the Colts no matter where the game is played?!  Something was up, and they won.  Things have to start bouncing my way, and I’m saying this is the week!  A little tip before I start, R.J. Bell said on Colin Cowherd’s show yesterday that a trend has started to emerge.  With time off during teams bye weeks, players are going on vacation during their bye week and there for struggling the week before their bye.  So maybe a good idea to see who is on a bye NEXT week, and bet against them this week.


Chicago at Washington


It’s a pick’em….that’s right, a pick’em.  Here kitty kitty!  That is what Colin Cowherd says when a betting line is Vegas baiting you.  Well for the 4th week in a row I’m picking one of these games.  The Washingtonions (notice what I didn’t call them?!  I’m so politically correct!) should be at least 3 point dogs in this game.  They didn’t look good against Dallas, the Bears have looked dominant at times this season, no reason to pick the team from Washington with the racist name….pick the Redskins!  Damnit!  Forget I said their name of Redskins….DAMNIT!!!  But seriously, Washington in this spot.



San Diego at Jacksonville

Jacksonville +7.5

Yep, I’m rolling with the Jags.  The Denver game will give them a momentum boost, the Chargers are on a short week, the Chargers have to travel across the country to play which always hurts, and the Chargers much like the Bengals and Cowboys always seem to play down to their opponents.  Love the Jags getting this many points at home, although Justin Blackmon is a question mark, he has been HUGE for this team since returning from suspension.



St.Louis at Carolina

St.Louis +7

This one kind of feels like a Vegas “bait” game too, but 7 points I think is just too many here.  Cam Newton has all the talent in the world, but he’s a front runner.  That’s why he struggles in close games, that’s why you see the Panthers blow out a team like the Giants once they get rolling.  The Rams hammered the Texans last week and you all know I was HUGE on them coming into the season (big disappointment to this point).  I’ve never been high on the Panthers, and while I’ve lost a lot of faith in Sam Bradford, that offense put up a lot of points on a great defense last week in Houston, so that is a very good sign.  Take this boat load of points.



San Francisco at Tennessee

Tennessee +4

I am taking Tennessee completely based on what R.J. Bell said on Cowherd’s show yesterday.  I agreed with Colin, no reason San Fran shouldn’t kill them.  Fitzpatrick at QB, the Titans just played Seattle who are so physical and teams feel it the next week (see the Colts loss in San Diego), the Niners are getting healthy and playing better, and they are simply much more talented than the Titans.  But Bell said that the public is on the Niners most this week than any other team, yet the line has gone down from 6.5 to 4 points.  That is a huge sign that SOMETHING is up.  Don’t be like everyone else, take the Titans getting points at home here.



Denver at Indianapolis

Indianapolis +6.5

I don’t care who the team is, you can’t give a road team 6.5 points against one of the top teams in the league.  I believe this game will be a lot like the Dallas/Denver game, just a little slower out of the gates.  The Colts are apparently going to have a bunch of pre game ceremonies honoring the QB that only won them 1 Super Bowl (Jim Irsay’s words not mine…) and so I believe this could throw off both QB’s rythem at the start of the game.  But once they get in a groove the shootout will begin.  I doubt the Colts win, but Luck will be out to prove something in this game just as much as Peyton.  Peyton will likely shred this Indy defense, but the Broncos D even with Vonny football, Vonny drug taker, Vonny fake urine test, Von Miller back in the lineup has looked pretty average all season.  Love the Colts getting this many points here.  Obviously it might not be correct in the end, but it is the right pick weather it wins or loses.



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