Ok allow me not to BS anyone here….this week SUCKS!!!  An NFL Sunday is always an NFL Sunday, A.K.A. never a bad thing.  But there are 4 teams on bye’s this week (and 4 teams again next week) and while looking for a picture to use for this weeks piece I usually look for one of the two teams playing the biggest game, or a player playing in a big game…and as of writting this I don’t have a picture!  Now, while you’re reading this I will, but not as these words are going from skull to finger tips.  But enough about that, down to business.  Bad news, I’m now 5 games under .500 (16-21).  The good news?  Well there really isn’t any, except for I’m hanging around.  I’m not able to have that great week/streak to help me out, but I’m still just a little hot streak away from going over .500.  So glass half full?  Who knew I was an optimist!


Cleveland at Kansas City

Kansas City -7.5

It is a lot of points to give, but then again….the other QB is Jason Campbell.  So Jason Campbell vs the best D in the NFL, on the road.  It isn’t like I believe Alex Smith will go off against a real good Browns defense here, but the Chiefs will force 2 or 3 turnovers and the Browns likely won’t because the Chiefs don’t turn it over.  That’s the big difference for me in this game.  Chiefs are moving to 8-0…maybe the worst 8-0 team in NFL history, but still 8-0.


NY Giants at Philadelphia

Giants +5.5

The Eagles really dominated the first meeting between these two, and they’re at home, and they aren’t the team with the short week.  But Vick is hurt, the Giants finally got the monkey off their back, and I think the Giants have found something in Peyton Hillis.  He looked GREAT on Monday against the Viks, and I believe we will see a lot more of him this week.  A good weapon out of the back field is something Manning really hasn’t had this season.  It will help with protection and open things up in the passing game.  I’m saying the Giants keep this one tight.


NY Jets at Cincinnati

Cincinnati -6.5

I didn’t have any plans on picking this game, but then I started to think about it.  The Bengals defense will get pressure on Geno Smith and he will try to force some balls and probably get picked 2 or 3 times.  Now the Bengals won’t put up a ton of points on this Jets defense, but the Jets coming off a huge, emotional win against the Pats….I’m expecting a big let down this week on the road.  Really like the Bengals despite needing a TD to cover.


Pittsburgh at Oakland

Oakland +2.5

East coast going out to the West coast.  So that’s not good for the Steelers.  Also the Raiders are coming off their bye week.  That’s not good for the Steelers either.  And finally, the Steelers are coming off playing the Ravens and those games always leave both teams black and blue.  So while 2.5 points isn’t a lot for a Steelers team that is begining to play well, I really think the Raiders are going to pull off the minor upset in this game.


Washington at Denver

Denver -12

The public loves the Redskins, so RGIII has a great game and it has everyone hoping on the bandwagon.  Sloooooooow down.  That Bears defense isn’t what it was, espeically with Lance Briggs going down.  The Broncos will be pretty ticked off after shooting themselves in the foot a lot vs the Colts.  Before last weeks games you would have said the Redskins are humiliating and the Broncos are the best team in the league.  Broncos in a blowout here.



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