NFL: Chicago Bears at Dallas CowboysOk so this ship is sinking!  Another losing week, and all of a sudden I can’t brag about how great I am!  That is really the biggest tragedy out of all this mess is that people may now realize that I’m not as great as I make myself out to be.  So I can’t allow my secret to get out!  I guess I’ll have to start winning again.

Last week: 2-3-1 (2-3 ATS)

Season record (ATS): 19-18

Season record (over/under) 4-2-1

Overall: 23-20-1


Baltimore at Cincinnati

Baltimore -1

There is still a lot of doubt weather or not A.J. Green will play.  So that’s a big concern for the Bengals.  And another concern is that this D is getting trounced of late.  Then you have the Ravens who are on a serious roll right now.  These aren’t the same teams that met in week 1, and even if they were I would like the Ravens.  But now, they have the Ray Rice distraction behind them and the Bengals have lost some of their swagger.  Only 1 point makes it easy to take the Ravens.


Chicago at New England

Chicago +6

Do I really trust the Bears anymore?  I do.  This will be one of Colin Cowherd’s blazin’ 5 this morning and what he will say is that he loves the Bears because their fumbling problems cannot continue and that 6 points is too many to give a Bears team that is good on the road, playing with a fire lit under them, and has a great offense against a depleted Pats D.  I also expect RJ Bell from to say on his show that this line was much different a week or 2 ago and that the line being at 6 is an overreaction and the public is going to be heavy on New England.  At least that’s what I’m expecting, tune in to see if I’m right!


Philadelphia at Arizona

Philadelphia +2.5

Well the Eagles are coming off a bye and as you now know I love that!  The Cards are coming off a win against the Raiders.  I don’t know if it was a good game, because they played the Raiders so why watch.  That shouldn’t even count as a win unless you win by 21.  I love Bruce Arians but the Eagles are a good team that play with a lot of tempo which will wear down the Cardinals D that loves to blitz.  I’m expecting a lot of screen passes to McCoy that will drive the Cards nuts.  Also the Eagles have a solid D too, that pass rush is no joke.


Indianapolis at Pittsburgh

Indianapolis -3

When did you ever think you would see the day that the Steelers get 3 points at home and you want to pick against them?!  But I do.  Indy is RED HOT right now, both offensively and defensively, and the Steelers are just scrapping by.  Heck, if it wasn’t for the Texans imploding at the end of the 1st half Monday, the Steelers may have lost that game too!  Short week, playing a much better team, I don’t think the Colts blow them out but at 3 or less I like the Colts.  If it moves to 3.5, I still think take it but it is much more of a risk.


Oakland at Cleveland

Cleveland -6.5

This is a HUGE number and it is for the Browns and I know you’re asking if I really trust the Browns getting 6.5?  Yeah, I do because it’s the Raiders.  Browns got embarrassed in Jacksonville so that alone should light a fire under them.  And the Raiders are a flat out mess.  So just keep it simple, take the Browns at home, they’ll crush Oakland.


Chicago at New England

Over 50.5

Man I’m feeling snake bit on this pick now.  I’ve loved a few of the ones I’ve had lately and they’ve lost (well, a push last week).  But a hire powered offense, again with a fire lit under them.  On the other side you have Tom Brady and the Pats who seem to have their act together against a weak Bears D.  Seems like a safe bet, but then again I’ve been snake bit lately!


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