NFL Season Preview – AFC South



2 good teams, 1 bad team and 1 VERY BAD team.  Definitely a 2 horse race to win this division between the Texans and the Colts.  It is a division that really lacks interest.  Neither the Titans or Jags are interesting teams with much history (sorry 1999, you’re not enough), and neither the Texans or Colts grab many headlines either despite being playoff teams last season.  Having said all this, it should be a great battle between Indy and Houston to see who comes out on top.


5931. Indianapolis Colts

Another division winner that might be a surprise pick to some of you.  There is just something not right about the Texans, and meanwhile I have a man crush on Andrew Luck.  I make no secret that I think that kid will be the premiere QB in the NFL over the next 12 years.  He is Aaron Rodgers…maybe better.  And he has a good GM who has done a great job thus far finding him what he needs.  T.Y. Hilton was a steal in the 2012 draft, Dwayne Allen surprisingly was the more productive of their 2 rookie TE’s last year, and Fleener should be a lot better in his 2nd season.  The defense is young and should be improved, and while I don’t know that they win more, I do think they win the tougher games and win the division.


5702. Houston Texans

Like I just said in the Colts write up, something is just missing with this team.  I don’t hate Gary Kubiak as a head coach, but he’s not great.  Matt Schaub can put up big numbers, but he’s just ok.  I don’t feel like Schaub has any kind of a killer attitude.  But having said all this, I do think they make the playoffs.  I just don’t think they win the division.  The defense is still really good and a full season of Brian Cushing will help a ton.  The run game is great and for me I could care less if Arian Foster goes down with an injury.  Ben Tate is there and with the Texans and Redskins it is so much more about the scheme then the RB.  Good team, but the clock is ticking on them becoming an elite team.


10533. Tennessee Titans

I’m calling my shot right now, Chris Johnson bounces back with a great season.  They really upgraded the o-line and he will have something to prove.  But that might be the best thing I can say about the Titans.  I’m not a big Jake Locker guy.  I pull for the kid because he has a lot of great qualities you want your QB to have.  But he’s not accurate, and that is a BIG issue when you’re a QB.  Hopefully for the Titans he proves me wrong.  I really don’t know what else to say about them right now, they really are a team in limbo.  One of those teams that might benefit more from having everything go wrong for them for a season and being forced to really overhaul everything.


159885620134. Jacksonville Jaguars

They aren’t the Jets….thats about as nice as I can be to this organization.  What horrific new uni’s and helmets.  Seriously, what are they thinking?!  And for the love of all things football can they ditch the teel already?!  It is 2013, not 1995!  Just the most unlikeable franchise, maybe in sports.  They’re awful, no history, awful uni’s, and have 1 star player who is on the back 9 of his career.  #FREEMJD should be trending right now.  Who won their QB battle?  Better yet, who cares?!?  I would be stunned if anyone even bothered to read this part of the previews.  Saw the symbol and just moved on.  I know I would!  By the way, Blaine Gabbert won the QB battle, I just didn’t want to admit I knew that.


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