NFL Season Preview – AFC West



The AFC West is the Broncos world, everyone else is just renting space.  But as you will find out, I’m pretty high on one other team in this division to turn some heads and MAYBE sneak in the playoffs.  But part of that theory is a result of how weak the division and conference is.  That team wouldn’t get in the playoffs in the NFC.  In the NFC, I think literally every team has a legit shot at getting in the playoffs, its unreal.  In the AFC, the top end teams are just as good as those in the NFC, but outside of the AFC North, 5 teams can challenge for playoff spots, and I’m sure most people think that number is 4.  Its pretty bad, but I’m sure the Broncos don’t mind.


9ebzja2zfeigaziee8y605aqp1. Denver Broncos

If the Pats are the easiest pick for the division winner, the Broncos have to be 2nd.  Von Miller being out the first 6 games may actually be a blessing in disguise for them.  6 less beatings for Vonny football could be huge come their first playoff game.  It is an embarrassment of riches on offense.  Peyton now has Wes Welker at his disposal to go with Thomas and Decker.  I’m a big Montee Ball fan, I think the kid is going to be their clear cut starting back by about week 4 if he isn’t already.  I really could go on and on and on about how good this team looks.  Defense won’t be as good this season, but the offense should be better.  Its Super Bowl or bust for the Broncos.


8572. Kansas City Chiefs

Call me crazy, I think this team will compete for the wildcard spot!  Now, I had them 2nd in the division last year and they ended up with the worst record in the league.  But they have had a lot of talent for a while, just haven’t had the right guys running the show.  Andy Reid is a massive upgrade over any head coach they’ve had since Dick Vermeil.  And Alex Smith is a pretty big upgrade over Matt Cassel.  So when you add those 2 elements to the talents like Charles, Bowe, McCluster, a great offensive line featuring top pick Eric Fisher, the offense should be great.  Then the defense has more talent than the offense.  5 pro bowlers last season (2 alternates), so new DC Bob Sutton has something to work with.  Really like the Chiefs to make some noise this season.


8e1jhgblydtow4m3okwzxh67k3. San Diego Chargers

Well, they ditched Norv.  It was a move 3 years too late, but at least they finally did it.  Former GM A.J. Smith was great when it came to finding talent, but how he could find that much talent and not know how to make it work is just bizarre.  But then again, most people that know Smith would describe him as bizarre.  Anyway, they’re out, Mike McCoy is in as head coach.  Still some talent here, but nowhere near what it was.  Phillip Rivers will really need to have some WR’s emerge.  Antonio Gates looked great in the preseason, as did Ryan Mathews.  But neither guy can stay healthy.  Then the defense is just ok.  Nothing terrible, they have some guys that fly under the radar like Donald Butler and Eric Weddle, but they are far from feared.  8-8, maybe 9-7 is what I think they’ll end up being.


g9mgk6x3ge26t44cccm9oq1vl4. Oakland Raiders

As much heat as they are taking for how bad they are, at least they now have a plan which they seemingly didn’t in Al Davis’ last few years.  I really pull for the Raiders to become a great team again because sports are just better when the traditional powers are a factor.  The Raiders, Cowboys, Steelers, 49ers, Packers.  These teams need to be good.  Nothing against the people of Jacksonville, but nobody cares if they suck.  Same thing goes for Arizona.  But it will be a while for the Raiders.  Terrelle Pryor is likely their starting QB…yikes!  That’s bad!  Dennis Allen will look like a bad head coach, but I hope they realize this and allow him the chance to coach next season because this season there won’t be much he can do.  They’ll pick top 5, but that’s not a bad thing.  Give them this year and next to rebuild it, then they should be a factor.


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