wentzLast week I decided to give the CFL some love in this write up and take a few paragraphs to talk about how tremendous the Grey Cup was.  So I guess this week I should discuss how great the football is in MLS between Toronto and Montreal.  Yep, I should.  Problem is, I don’t talk about the ECHL, don’t talk AA baseball, don’t talk about the China league in basketball.  My point here is that why in the hell do Toronto sports fans claim they won’t embrace the CFL because “it isn’t big time” yet they flock to watch the MLS?!  Let’s be honest about this, Toronto….you’re wannabe Americans and the CFL would thrive without the Argos just like the NFL did when fans in L.A. thought they were too sweet for that league.


Ok, so that had nothing to do with the NFL, but I had to get that shot off before the clock ran out.  Onto the week 13…action?


Could any game have gone less like I believed it would than the Miami/Baltimore game?!  The Dolphins couldn’t have laid more of an egg.  You can say the Ravens are just that good, but I STILL, yes…STILL refuse to believe they’re anything but frauds, simply because their offense hasn’t been good all season, and now they’re dominating one of the top defenses in the league?!  No.  The Dolphins just simply didn’t bother to show up, and when you’ve been as down for as long as the Dolphins have you just can’t take anyone lightly.  Had the Dolphins +3.5, got humiliated.  For once in my over/under’s I took the under on this game, and got humiliated.  Hey Miami, f*** you.


Man, my picks were just horrendous.  1-4, only 1-1 in the over/under’s.  It’s such a piss of when you know you’re picking good and shitty weeks like this happen.  And it’s really been all or nothing of late.  In the last seven weeks, I’ve either only lost once or less, or only won once or less.  This week though was just fucked right from the start, so fucked that I’m not bothering to sensor myself.  Colin Cowherd said it on his show on Friday, the lines were just really tricky for whatever reason.  Probably wasn’t a good sign in hindsight that I nailed so many of the lines, because if I nail the lines then it’s tough to decide one way or another where to go.  Anyway, I’m just talking to myself at this point.


How good is this game going to be on Thursday between the Chiefs and Raiders?!  Chiefs win a massive game in Atlanta, and the Raiders made it look easy coming back from a 15 point deficit against the Bills.  I’ve said all season, the Chiefs win that division and feel great about that coming into this game.  But despite their age, I’d fear the Raiders a little more come playoff time.  Better QB, a lot of playmakers on both sides of the ball (especially if they get a rejuvenated Aldon Smith back), and that offensive line…while it’s not what the Cowboys have, it’s damn good and can beat up on any D-line in the league.


Remember when the Rams were raked over the coals for not playing Jared Goff because Carson Wentz was so amazing and he started day one in Philly?!  Remember when I was saying that meant nothing?!  How much better has Wentz looked than Goff since Goff has been starting?  Hasn’t?  At all?  There was a guy once upon a time named Rick Mirer.  And in the 1993 NFL draft, the New England Patriots had a tough choice to make between Drew Bledsoe and Rick Mirer.  The Pats took Bledsoe, and out of the gate everyone was killing them for taking Bledsoe as he struggled and Mirer looked great.  Then teams got film on Mirer.  All Rick Mirer did from about the sixth game of his rookie season on was digress.  Probably shouldn’t have been starting.  I’m not saying that is going to be Carson Wentz, but since week 3 against Pittsburgh, all he’s done is digress.  Goff has literally nothing around him other than Todd Gurley and that O-line is so bad that neither guy has a chance to do anything.  But let this be a lesson to you all…just because someone is starting doesn’t mean they’re good!  People should know this lesson well by now!


That was a damn impressive win by the Lions in New Orleans.  They’re very much so in the driver seat in the NFC North, although with the Packers now having won back to back they aren’t out of the woods just yet.  The Pack have a win against them already, so if they win in Detroit in the final week of the season, they’d have the tie breaker.  But Stafford has been better than Rodgers, Theo Reddick is better than anything the Packers can scrap together at RB, and the Lions have the better D.  A.K.A. I’d be shocked if the Lions didn’t win the NFC North at this point.


The Steelers aren’t great (yet), but the Giants are frauds and I won’t move off that point.  Lightest game left on their schedule is the Eagles (I originally believed it was the Lions, but the Eagles have completely fallen apart), and the Eagles LOVE to spoil shit for the Giants.  I just don’t see them making the playoffs.


Cam Newton was benched and then crushed in Seattle.  YEP.  I don’t get a lot right, but that guy is the easiest call in the NFL right now.  He gets touched, he folds.  He doesn’t, he’s an all time great.


For weeks now I’ve been calling the Titans to take the AFC South.  They may, but I have to admit the Colts look like they’re starting to come on as long as Andrew Luck is out there.  Say what you will about how awful the Jets season has been, that D-line is one of the best in football and the Colts O-line held them in check.  The last month or so it’s felt like a different Colts team.  It’s not like they’ll go to the Super Bowl or anything, but they definitely have a shot to win that pathetic division.


Finally, the lines.  Maybe my favorite thing to now talk about, likely because it’s the only thing I seem to get right these days!  I aim to be within a point, let’s see how it went.


Oakland at Kansas City -2.5

Half a point off, Chiefs by 3, looks to be moving to 3.5.  I can’t stress enough how great of a game this is going to be!  Essentially for the division crown at this point.


Pittsburgh -3 at Buffalo

Steelers only favored by 2.  Little surprised, but then again the Bills will be desperate and the Steelers can get sleepy.


Denver -1.5 at Tennessee

Wow, Titans are favored by 1.  I can’t see the public laying off taking the Broncos at that number, although it is off the board right now (I’m guessing waiting on Trevor Siemian’s status).


Washington at Philadelphia -2

Not shocked after that humiliation by the Eagles in Cincy that this is now the Redskins favored by a point.  Anything less than 3 points, take the Redskins.


Arizona -1.5 at Miami

BAIT!!!  Dolphins favored by 2, makes little-no sense with the Dolphins being humiliated and the Cards coming off a win.  Don’t fall for it, take the Dolphins.


Minnesota -2.5 at Jacksonville

Vikings by 3.5, so it’s a win for me, but I don’t know how you could trust the Vikings by 3.5 against anyone at this point, especially on the road.


Houston at Indianapolis -3.5

I got it, but Indy is -4.5.  I’m a little surprised it’s that high, but it was an impressive showing last night despite how poorly the Jets have been this season.


San Diego at Carolina -3

A pick’em!  Oh how the mighty have fallen!  QB frontrunner though will be all about putting up big numbers after being embarrassed on Sunday night.


Cincinnati -3.5 at Cleveland

Cincy -5.5.  I didn’t realize when looking at who the Browns had left two weeks ago that Cincy at home was still on the schedule.  THIS could be their last chance at 1-15.


Chicago at Detroit -6.5

Lions by 8, and it’s not a surprise with how great they were in New Orleans.  I’d take the Bears though.  Lions primed for a letdown, the Bears playing for jobs.


NY Jets -3 at San Francisco

San Fran by a point right now.  Not a big shocker after the Jets got humiliated by the Colts last night.  Short rest this week, have to go cross country, the Niners won’t have to play in a freaking blizzard this week, makes sense.


New Orleans at Tampa Bay -2.5

Bucs by 2.5 it is!  This is a massive game in the NFC South, Saints have to have this one.


Atlanta -6 at Los Angeles

Falcons by 6 it is!  They’re pretty good, and the Rams are not.


Seattle -3 at Green Bay

Seahawks by 3 it is!  Are the Packers back?  Are the Seahawks back?  Interesting matchup.


Dallas -2.5 at NY Giants

Cowboys by 3, moving soon to 3.5.  The Giants are frauds, I cant stress that enough.  Cowboys all but wrap up the division with a win here.


Baltimore at New England -7.5

Another one spot freaking on!  The line is moving towards Pats by 7.  If it gets to 6.5, I’d bet the Pats pretty hard.  So that’s 9/16 on the week.  I have yet to go under .500 on these, although after going 1-4 with my picks ATS this week that shows this means nothing.


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