hi-res-2056683bef9a0afc67053b5463bdab7e_crop_northHow in the freaking hell do you have three games push in a week?!  Having any game push is pretty rare.  But to have three in the same week…I likely won’t ever do that again.  Good news is that I went undefeated last week!  Bad news is I only won two of the five games!  Now 32-23-6 on the season.


Los Angeles at New England

Rams +13.5

It’s just far too many points.  Doesn’t mean the Pats can’t win this one by 14, but the Rams D is coming off a humiliating performance, Brady is dinged up, the Pats don’t have Gronk so other playmakers now need to be worked into the offense, and the Pats D isn’t so good that Jared Goff can’t do some damage against them.  Smart money here is on the Rams.


Miami at Baltimore

Dolphins +3.5

I’ve been loving the Dolphins the last month or so, and I have not been shy to say I think the Ravens aren’t as good as their record and are nowhere near worthy of being a division leading team.  3.5 is a gift, as I strongly believe the Dolphins will take this one outright.


San Francisco at Chicago

49ers -2

What a terrible game this is going to be, I know.  Most of you won’t want to put money on it because of that, but I just think the 49ers at less than a field goal is a really smart bet.  I’m not a Colin Kaepernick fan at all, but he’s been playing better and better every week.  It’s not just him either, this Niners team is really playing hard.  Then on the other side you have a Bears team just completely buried by injuries.  I like the Niners to win this outright, so anything less than a field goal is fine with me.


Buffalo at Oakland

Bills +3

I like this bet a lot, mainly because every Raiders game is tight!  So you can pretty much take the underdog in the game involving the Raiders this season, and you’ll win money!  I’m not sure what the numbers are on that, but I’ve bet the Raider games all season and crushed it with them.  If by chance this moves to 3.5, I love the Bills.  If it goes to 2.5, the Raiders then would be the smart money.


Carolina at Seattle

Seahawks -7

This matchup is all kinds of wrong for the Panthers.  QB frontrunner doesn’t like it when things get tough, and in Seattle, against that D, it’ll be a REALLY tough night for him, so he’ll likely fold.  I am a little hesitant in saying that because the Panthers always play the Seahawks tough, even when the Seahawks were in their Super Bowl years and the Panthers were still emerging.  But Newton never faced the Seahawks when things were going anywhere near as poorly as they are right now for the Panthers.  It’s a big number, but I’m willing to eat it here.



1-1 last week, 5-3 on the season.


Miami at Baltimore

Under 41

FINALLY a pick an under!  This game features two elite defenses, and two QB’s who I don’t believe are capable of overcoming elite defenses.  41 points?  I see something like 17-14, 20-17…tops.


Buffalo at Oakland

Over 49

Just like last week, I don’t know why the Raiders aren’t getting more love on the over/under’s.  They’re going to put up big points on just about anyone, especially at home, and the Bills…while I don’t love Tyrod Taylor, he’s good enough and unique enough to give the Raiders defense fits.


Guessing the Lines (week 14)

12/16 last week, 35/60 on the season.  The goal is to be within a point of the line.


Oakland at Kansas City -2.5


Pittsburgh -3 at Buffalo


Denver -1.5 at Tennessee


Washington at Philadelphia -2


Arizona -1.5 at Miami


Minnesota -2.5 at Jacksonville


Houston at Indianapolis -3.5


San Diego at Carolina -3


Cincinnati -3.5 at Cleveland


Chicago at Detroit -6.5


NY Jets -3 at San Francisco


New Orleans at Tampa Bay -2.5


Atlanta -6 at Los Angeles


Seattle -3 at Green Bay


Dallas -2.5 at NY Giants


Baltimore at New England -7.5


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