NFL Week 3 Answers and Hot Takes


bradfordI should probably come up with a better title for this, because it started as a joke.  But now that I’ve started doing it (at least for now), I kind of like talking seriously about what I’ve just watched and examining things.  I don’t know if YOU like it, but I don’t give a damn about what any of you think, or if you read my stuff, or if you like me in anyway.  I’m kidding, I’m REALLY needy so all that stuff is a total lie.


Well I was wrong about Sam Bradford.  Man, for him to step in there and look good on Sunday night, and then go to Carolina and get the win without Adrian Peterson is mighty impressive!  I know he didn’t have great numbers, but that Carolina D is one of the best in the NFL.  Sharp guys like Cris Collinsworth, Colin Cowherd and likely Chris Cuthbert and Charlie Conway because they also have those initials were saying all along it was a great trade by Vikings GM Rick Speilman and I didn’t listen.  Always listen to those much smarter than you kids!


I guess Aaron Rodgers is ok afterall hey?  I sat there last Sunday night and marvelled at how he played, yet everyone shit on him this past week.  Did they not realize how good the Vikings D was?!  Right now they could be the top unit in the league.  Rodgers played real good, just didn’t get the bounces.  Jordy Nelson looks like he’s now getting it going so that’ll help a ton.


The Ravens aren’t the worst 3-0 team of all time, but don’t let that record fool you.  Buffalo, Cleveland, and Jacksonville, and not one of them in impressive fashion.  I’m starting to wonder if after this season it won’t be time for a coaching change there.  John Harbaugh is real good, but this is his 9th season with the team, might just simply be time for a change.  But if they make the playoffs that won’t happen and with a 3-0 record it’ll be tough not to.


Well Trevor Siemian will now be hailed as a great young QB.  Impressive win, no doubt.  But people, nobody has any real film on him yet.  The Bengals didn’t have any respect for the Broncos passing game, and Gary Kubiak knew this would be the case, so they put it up.  Maybe I’ll be very wrong about this, but I believe the more the league is going to see of Trevor Siemian, the more they’re going to expose him.  Remember, Brock Osweiler started like this when he took over last season.  Slowly but surely Osweiler got exposed.  Guaranteed Ron Jaworski will be on PTI this week talking about how great he thinks Siemian will be, and maybe he will be.  But Jaws thinks everyone is going to be amazing.  Let’s see what happens before we go one way or another on this kid.


Man, was I EVER wrong about the Bucs/Rams and the Seahawks/Niners!  That’s the NFL for you.  Seemed like such obvious bets.  And sometimes Vegas is baiting you with lines that seem to good to be true, but I really don’t think that was the case in either of these tilts.  The Rams go to Tampa and beat the Bucs?!  HOW?!?  Russell Carrington Wilson even left the game, and the Niners still looked like the Jim Tomsula led Niners!  Betting football makes you want to rip out your hair…if you have hair…I do.  This week felt so much worse than a 3-2 week for me.


One of the reasons I was 3-2 and not 2-3 was the Colts late TD to beat the Chargers.  If you are ripping Andrew Luck for their problems then you aren’t watching them play and should there for shut the f*** up, because the supporting cast for Luck is just disgusting.  No O-line, no D, no running game, average coaching, it’s just horrendous.  Yet, did you see that bullet he fit in there to T.Y. Hilton?!  He’s awesome, and so not the problem in Indy.


I’d love to know what the heck that was from the Steelers.  I’ll admit, that’s a pretty impressive win by the Eagles, but that makes one win against a good team and none against a good defense.  I do think though that the Eagles have a heck of a head coach in Doug Pederson, who in turn will make Carson Wentz great, and in turn will make the Eagles a real good team for a real long time.  But the Steelers are Super Bowl favourites in the AFC, and it’s because of how great their offense is, and they put up 3 points.  That’s it.  And they weren’t going against the Seahawks in Seattle, not against the Panthers in Charlotte, not against the Vikings in Minny.  The Eagles D doesn’t suck, but it isn’t THAT good.


I don’t think I’m wrong on Dak Prescott, but I am ready to admit that he is good enough with that O-line, those weapons to throw to, and that running game.  He’ll at worst keep them in it until Romo gets back.  He’s great between the 20’s, but clearly has a ways to go in the redzone where the field gets a lot smaller and defenses usually step up.  No coincidence that he just has the one TD thus far, but with this team that’s ok.  What he could allow the Cowboys to do is build a powerhouse in the next couple seasons.  Having to spend next to no money on your QB gives a team amazing flexibility, just ask the Seahawks.


And finally I can’t end this piece without ending it the way I started it by admitting I was very wrong.  I was wrong about the Sam Bradford trade, and I was very VERY wrong about the Chicago Bears this season.  I really thought the ingredients were there for them to sneak up on people this season.  John Fox has been a real good head coach and you could see them really improve a lot from September to December last season.  Two good wideouts, good young RB’s, some talent on D with a coach who knows how to develop his defensive talent, and a QB who leaves you wanting a lot more but is good enough to win games.  Nope.  They didn’t even look interested last night.  And hey, last night Jay Cutler was obviously out, but in the first two games he looked awful, as has the rest of the team.


One more game to go before we put a wrap on week 3 and it’s the 10th anniversary of the Saints coming home to New Orleans.  They were supposed to get blown out in that game.  Falcons were 2-0, that was when Michael Vick was expected to essentially start dominating the league, and instead that was the beginning of the Saints becoming a force in the league, and turned out to be the final year of Vick’s tenure with the Falcons.  And then you have Steve Gleason’s story, it’ll be a great watch tonight.


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