chip-kelly-07010caae92b42f1Sorry for how late I am with this weeks picks.  I know you all sit there with massive anticipation all week for this blog to come out, and here I am making you wait another hour.


I remember when I was little my mom was going to bring home McDonald’s on a Friday night, and McDonald’s was giving away these Super Mario toys and the last one to come out was Luigi.  I don’t recall how I knew, but I knew Luigi came out that Friday so mom was going to bring home McDonald’s for supper.  The anticipation for this was immense.  6:00 came…she wasn’t home.  6:30, nothing.  7:00, STILL NOT HOME.  I had to wait for that toy until 7:30!  I wanted to eat McDonald’s while watching Full House and Family Matters, and instead I had to eat it while watching Perfect Strangers and whatever other crap they put on last during TGIF!  I still haven’t spoken to my mother since that day…


Oh yeah, the picks.  7-4 so far!  Looking solid, but that can change in a hurry.


Baltimore at Jacksonville

Jags +2.5

This is up to 2.5 this morning, I got it at Jags +1, but whatever, Jacksonville wins this outright.  2nd week in a row for Baltimore on the road, Jags are desperate at 0-2, Ravens have been an unimpressive 2-0, I don’t like the Jags that much this season and I think the Ravens will at least be in the AFC playoff hunt, but I’m taking the home dog in this one.


Washington at NY Giants

Redskins +3.5

Me calling them the Redskins won’t make overly PC people happy.  Oh well, I’m not overly PC so why act like I am.  Again here we have an 0-2 and there for desperate team facing a 2-0 team that has been underwhelming in their two victories.  In their two wins, it came down to the final moments for the Giants, and those were against the Saints and the Cowboys.  The Cowboys, who had it come down to the wire against the Redskins last week.  No reason to believe this won’t be a tight game too, and if I’m expecting a tight game then I’m always going with the team getting 3.5.


L.A. at Tampa Bay

Bucs -3.5

I just said that if I expect a tight game that I’m always going with the team getting 3.5.  Well I guess this would mean I’m not expecting a close game?  Damn right I’m not!  This could get ugly for the Rams.  Can’t score TD’s and Jameis Winston is much better than Blaine Gabbert or Russell Carrington Wilson on one good ankle.  Plus, West coast team going to the East coast for an early start, never a good thing.  Not much else to say here, take the Bucs.


San Francisco at Seattle

49ers +10

It’s just too many points to give the Niners.  The Niners are coming off playing the Panthers who are a pretty physical team.  But the Seahawks haven’t looked good at all and I believe this line is based off last year’s reputation.  The Niners are much better under Chip Kelly, who’s reputation amongst football fans is completely ass backwards.  And the other thing to consider is do we know if Russell Wilson is 100%?  It’s as if because he played last week with a high ankle sprain that now he’s fine.  He’s not going to be much more healthy this week.  I’ll tell you what, bet the +10, but I won’t be surprised at all if the Niners win this outright.


San Diego at Indianapolis

Colts -1

Getting this at -1 is big.  Again, we have a desperate Colts team vs a Chargers team who seem to be dropping like fly’s early in the season.  And the Colts ALWAYS start 0-2.  So while they look like trash, and they are trash quite frankly because their owner is incompetent, their GM is incompetent, their coach seems to be in over his head, and they only have one guy in the organization who knows how to do things and that’s Andrew Luck.  I find it hilarious how some people are starting to pile on Luck.  You do realize he is working with TRASH right?!  He’ll pull this one out for the Colts today, because he’s that damn good.


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