NFL Week 2 Answers & Hot Takes


57dc73247eda0-imageSo I started this last week, basically just for something to do.  I’m sitting here trying to write it again, but the same piece will get boring and I probably wasn’t near as funny as I thought I was (and I didn’t think I was too funny!) last week.  So at least for this week, it won’t be the same type of piece.  I actually do have real thoughts on what is going on around the league.  Though I can’t write this without being a smart ass about the shit show going on in Buffalo…


Rex Ryan figured out what was wrong with his team and that was his offensive co-ordinator.  I thought that was pretty obvious in that shootout on Thursday that the OC of the offense that put nearly 400 yards on one of the best defenses in the NFL needed to be dusted.  It’s like the old saying goes that if you can’t win a Super Bowl with Tyrod Taylor, then who the hell can you win it with?!  Bills are on there way to 14-2.


Man the Browns are bad.  I think what happened to start the game yesterday was Hugh Jackson is that good of a game caller, but once the Ravens coaching staff was able to figure out what they wanted to do and make adjustments the Browns lack of talent got horribly exposed.  The Ravens aren’t BAD, but I don’t know that they’re a playoff team and after the Browns got a 20-0 lead, the Ravens simply rattled off 25 unanswered.


Someone, somewhere today will either state with his or her “HOT TAKE” that the Giants are the worst 2-0 team ever.  Why?  Because the Giants and Saints burned him or her on the over which I think was 53.5 and of course it was nowhere near that.  I honestly don’t know why the Giants have only put up 36 points thus far.  They have not looked pretty, but I think they’ll get a lot better because that O-line is going to improve a lot as the season wears on.


The questions I had and a lot of people had about the Steelers brutal secondary are quickly getting put to rest.  You can have a flaw like that and win.  If you can get to the QB, it doesn’t much matter how bad your secondary is.  That was the case with the Giants when they won their last two Super Bowls.  I expected Dalton and Green to dominate yesterday, they didn’t.  I expected Kirk Cousins to put up big numbers on them with all the weapons the Redskins have, they didn’t.  And now it’s only one more game until they get Le’veon Bell back.


I put it on Twitter yesterday, the Seahawks have now only put up 25 points in seven of their last eight halves of meaningful football.  In the one other half, the 2nd half vs the Panthers in last years NFC divisional playoff game, they put up 24.  Now, that was against good D’s, Russell Wilson wasn’t right yesterday and likely shouldn’t have been playing, and as I said in my picks the Rams have the Seahawks number.  But it is something to keep an eye on moving forward.


How about that Falcons pick hey?!  The sharps in Vegas know what the f*** they’re doing!  I give myself no credit for calling that one, just credit for being smart enough to know I’m not that smart and listen to people who are.  A nice little 3-2 performance with my picks ATS, now 7-4 on the season…but it’s EARLY.


Finally, the Packers.  Sam Bradford looked pretty good, but you have to remember that the Packers defense has a tendency to make a lot of QB’s look good.  I will say though, for Bradford to have only been there a little over a week and look that good is impressive.  Maybe that trade won’t go down as one of the worst in NFL history, but I need to see more against better before I believe that.  This Sunday though they go to Carolina.  It won’t be near as easy.


By the way, as I was watching that game I couldn’t help but think of how awesome it is to watch Aaron Rodgers work.  The guy is at his peak, he is the best in the sport.  Nothing against Cam Newton, but Rodgers just does so many little things out there that Newton, nor any QB in the league does.  Plus he’s mobile, plus his arm is elite, plus he’s accurate, like maybe I’m being a fan boy for him or fan boy for the Packers or fan boy for Olivia Munn but he’s just incredible.  Huge win for the Viks, and the Packers should be fine.


Next week is a total dogs breakfast of games.  The best games (Denver at Cincy, Minny at Carolina, the Jets at KC) are all unlikely to be entertaining.  Interesting maybe, but not entertaining.  Man, even the Sunday nighter is Chicago v Dallas.  That is as bad of a Sunday night game as there has been in a while.


Nevertheless, it’s the NFL.  There will be storylines all over the place.  You’ll bet it, you’ll play fantasy, and you’ll watch.  So I’ll be back talking about it.


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