635535898691192842-tda20141207saintspanthers011A little late putting these out this morning, but I guess you still have an hour to lay the bets.  Though right now, the lines get all messed up with last minute betting.  I should come out with these Thursday night, because I was doing them Thursday night and had about four of the five games the same way as Colin Cowherd had them!  And then he does a segment with RJ Bell from pregame.com where Bell asks the Vegas wiseguys if they agree and they agreed with all five!  I left two of them in, but did three other different games I like.


Anyway, another losing week for me.  So after I started so hot with three straight losing weeks, I’ve gone back to back 2-3, bringing my season record to 14-12.  Considering being really good at this is 60%, I’ll gladly take that.  But I want the losing to stop this week, and I think it will.


Carolina at New Orleans

Saints +2.5

I like the Saints here a lot even with Newton going.  I think the Panthers are getting exposed badly, and the Saints aren’t good, but they’re good enough to take advantage of a team on the ropes like this.  Plus the Saints are off a bye, Panthers are on a short week.  Saints getting 2.5 right now, may even be at 3 by the time I get this out.  If you need something extra, the over is 53.5.  Take the over even though it’s high.  Panthers D isn’t what it was last season and the Saints can’t stop anyone.


Cleveland at Tennessee

Browns +7.5

Some may scratch their heads at this one, but the Browns are playing teams tough this season, and even though they’ve burned me here the last few weeks I’m not ready to jump off of them as a team that’ll suck, but they’ll cover.  Oh yeah, and the Titans suck.  They’re awful at home.  So Mariota doesn’t scare me at all, and I think the Browns will move the ball.  So giving the Browns this many points is a mistake.


Jacksonville at Chicago

Jaguars +2.5

Feels to me like the Bears are getting love now with Brian Hoyer in at QB.  He kept it close with the Colts.  The Colts outside of Andrew Luck have the worst team in the league.  Imagine Luck with the Browns, the Browns might be better than what the Colts are now.  I know it’s in Chicago and I know we still can’t trust the Jags.  But they’re coming off a bye and more so I just think the Jags have a much better team.  I bet this at Jags +1, so getting 2.5 I view as a GIFT!


Philadelphia at Washington

Redskins +3

Is anyone taking notice that the Redskins are starting to get their act together?  The public is so high on the Eagles right now, and coming off their first loss I think the public believes that they’ll take out their anger on an inapt Redskins team.  But the Redskins aren’t the Browns.  Kirk Cousins is good, and he has real good weapons, and their defense is solid (not great, but solid) and Jay Gruden is a good head coach.  Washington getting points at home, better take that bet.


Indianapolis at Houston

Texans -3

This game won’t be close.  Not freaking close.  The Texans are going to completely blow out the Colts here.  Osweiler isn’t that good, but the Colts D is horrendous.  Last week they made Brian Hoyer look incredible.  Cameron Merideth (started him in fantasy, no big deal…) looked like Randy Moss in that game.  What’ll DeAndre Hopkins look like?!  Or Will Fuller?!!  Add this to the fact that the Texans D, a top D in the NFL, will blitz Andrew Luck non stop.  This is going to be about 31-10 Texans.


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