tom-brady-bd510a49b3d76914I’ll level with you, I’m shocked that I’ve been able to do this now five weeks in a row.  And all five of you must be enjoying reading them, so that makes it worthwhile.  That self deprecating joke never gets old does it?


So I guess I have to start with #Tommy.  Rust free, or are the Browns that awful?  He was pretty great, and I guess he really didn’t have any rust like I wondered if he would after all.  I don’t know who not only in the AFC but in the league could take them down right now.  Brady at his best isn’t getting stopped by any defense.  And the top teams in the NFC are all teams like Minny who have incredible defenses, but not much offensively.


Two weeks ago I said this about the Ravens: “The Ravens aren’t the worst 3-0 team of all time, but don’t let that record fool you.  Buffalo, Cleveland, and Jacksonville, and in none of them in impressive fashion.  I’m starting to wonder if after this season it won’t be time for a coaching change there.  John Harbaugh is real good, but this is his 9th season with the team, might just simply be time for a change.”  Long ways from happening, but they’re now 3-2.  A loss at home to the Raiders who are emerging as a top team in the NFL, that’s forgivable.  A loss at home to the Redskins?  That’s not good.


The NY Jets won’t need a coaching change anytime soon, but Ryan Fitzpatrick is showing his true colors again.  He tends to do this.  He has a season that makes you believe he’s a borderline starter in the NFL, and then he falls back to earth.  He did it in Buffalo a few years ago, and the same script is playing out in New York now.  Because he should have been able to move the ball on the Steelers D, and couldn’t.  Mind you, their D can’t allow 31 points, but that’s tough to do against what might be the best offense in the league.


I don’t know what to make of the Eagles now.  Coming off a bye, you expect a win.  Facing the Lions, you expect a win.  You destroy the Steelers who have looked amazing in pretty much all their games this season other than the one against the Eagles.  I would assume that much like with the Steelers, this was a one off.  But it’s a real weird time to have a brutal game coming off a bye.


Indy won, and Indy was coming off a week in London, but man the Colts suck so much.  It’s Andrew Luck and nobody else.  The Bears are TERRIBLE (and I picked them as a darkhorse playoff contender like a moron), and the Bears nearly pulled off the upset, though I’m not sure it would have been an upset.  #freeAndrewLuck.


The Raiders are 4-1!  All of a sudden, every game has been down to the wire, the only loss was to the Falcons who have now beat the Panthers and Broncos, and this is starting to take the look of one of those teams which everyone falls in love with.  They’re exciting, they have a hard nosed/risk taking coach, they have a lot of the classic “Raider” qualities (reclamation projects, criminal element, etc.), and they have one of the best young QB’s in the game.  When I watch Derek Carr I expect him to be better than good.  Then when the game is over and they’ve won and he’s put up numbers like 25/40, 317 yards and 2 TD’s.  Not bad…


Ahhh the Cowboys.  Every week I give them more credit, every week I say “yeah but next week it comes crashing down”, and every week they prove me wrong.  Now, beating the Bengals at home isn’t as impressive as it would have been in the past three or four seasons.  But it’s still a pretty impressive win.  Next week they’re in Green Bay.  It’s not the biggest test, but it’s a little bit tougher than playing Cincy at home so we’ll see how they do.


Speaking of those Packers….you know, I talk about how I listen to Colin Cowherd a lot, and during football season if you want football talk, his is the show to listen to.  He has the best guests, the best insight, it’s just great to listen to if you’re a football junky.  Having said that, he has something against Aaron Rodgers.  Like, without a doubt has a major agenda against Aaron Rodgers.  I think the Packers have yet to hit their stride, and yet they’re 3-1 with their only loss coming on the road to the Vikings, best team in the NFC, in a tight game.  Yet Cowherd is all about piling on the Packers at every turn for some reason.  Trust me, they’re damn good.


When I started doing this piece five weeks ago, it was more so meant to be humorous.  I’m too tired to be humorous.  It’s 1:05 AM, and the Jays took all the energy out of me tonight.  So if you were expecting to laugh…who are we kidding, I never make you laugh.  See, self deprecation, works every time.


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