That is the 2nd straight year where I have taken a total bath on this weekend.  Last year this site was in it’s infancy (not that conglomerate it is today) and I thought it would be cool to make my picks for the first time…on wildcard weekend.  0-4, thanks for coming out.  This year I’ve been hot pretty much the entire year, had not had a week worse than 2-3.  WOW!  1-6.  What might have been worse than my picks….nothing….but what might have been almost as bad as my picks were the games themselves.

Starting in Houston and if it works out to where these 2 meet on wildcard weekend again next season the NFL just better eliminate both teams and bring in 2 AFC teams that might be somewhat interesting.  Sometimes in sports you get those matchups that start happening every season, don’t produce anything exciting on the field/court/ice and they don’t produce any sort of rivalry either.  It’s playoff action at it’s worst.  I think back to the Red Sox always meeting up with the Angels.  Yeah sure there was the odd game that was good to watch but overall none of their series were ever any good and they met in the playoffs 3 years in a row and 4 times in 6 seasons.

But back to this matchup, it was just dreadful to watch and was proof that for the 2nd year in a row the Bengals got into the playoffs because they beat up on the weak.  Their offense took an entire half to realize they had A.J. Green on their team.  Some of these coaches really try to out think the room at playoff time.  For Green to not recieve a pass until the 2nd half is horrific.  As for the Texans, they didn’t look much better and Matt Schaub is really doing a nice job of solidifying my stance that he has zero killer instinct and won’t be a guy that can get the Texans to the Super Bowl….and I’m saying that coming off a win for him so it tells you how bad he looked!

Then you had Joe Webb and the Vikings in Green Bay.  WOW!  Look, it’s late so I don’t want to spend a ton of time talking about future CFL practice squader Joe Webb but that was something else!  Poor Adrian Peterson STILL had a great game running the ball despite the fact that the Packers were able to stack the box on nearly every play.  Not Webb’s fault that the Vikings are down to a CFL esq recieving core as well, but Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald wouldn’t have helped.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an NFL QB miss his receivers so badly, and I sat through “Tebowmania” last season!

Yesterday morning I was pumped!  Lockout was done and Indy v Baltimore should be a great game with 2 solid offenses going against 2 below average defenses.  I had no idea Ray Lewis was going to turn back the clock in his final game in Baltimore and the 2000 Ravens defense would take the field.  Ok, they weren’t close to that, but when they needed to step up they did and had by far their best performance of the season.  Didn’t help that Bruce Arians had to be taken to hospital prior to kickoff and they had QB coach Clyde Christensen calling the game.  The play calling didn’t look good and between that, the Ravens D playing great, and the Colts o-line looking horrible it really made for an average game.

The best game was the final, but it was really more intriguing because of RGIII and his knee.  The Redskins looked like they might run away with it in the first quarter jumping out to that 14-0 lead, but I’ve never seen a game change so quickley after a team went down 14.  From that moment on the Seahawks moved the ball with ease and the Seahawks defense totally shutdown the Skins offense (although Robert Gimp III had something to do with that).  When Seattle went up 19-14 it didn’t even matter if they got the 2 point conversion, you knew they were headed to Atlanta.

Really not what you expect out of the NFL playoffs, especially wildcard weekend.  I doubt Joe Webb’s shot put throws will be shown as much as Tebow hitting Demaryius Thomas in OT to knock off the Steelers.  Let’s just hope the football god’s make up for it this next weekend.


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