Well it’s now set, the Super Bowl 42 (looks weird to have normal numbers next to the word Superbowl) rematch.  That will be the main story for the next 2 weeks.  The Giant underdogs (see what I did there?) upset the 18-0 Patriots to win Super Bowl XLII (ahhh, that’s better).  That’s mostly what you will hear for the next 2 weeks.

Another storyline that will be beaten to death is that Eli said prior to the season that he believed he was an elite QB before the season…and since then he has more than proved it.  Victor Cruz has been an amazing find for the G-men this season but make no mistake, if Alex Smith, Tavaris Jackson or Kevin Kolb is throwing him the ball you likely have yet to discover who the kid is.  Eli has been money all season long and he will without a doubt be considered elite if he wins in 2 weeks from now…if he isn’t considered elite already.

But the one interesting storyline for me personally will be how pro NY the Indianapolis crowd will be.  Now I don’t know how many locals on average attend the Super Bowl.  50%?  40%?  That would be my guess, and maybe it’s more, maybe it’s less I honestly don’t know.  What I do know is that there will be more locals there than fans from anywhere else.  And who do you think the Colt fans will pull for?  The brother of there hometown QB, or there biggest rival?

09 was more less a home field advantage for the Steelers vs the Cardinals.  It seemed like it was about 70-30 Steeler fans, maybe 80-20.  This is a total guess right now but I’m guessing it tops that.  Like 85-15/90-10.  It will be interesting to see, but the thing to remember of course is that the Super Bowl is over run by coperate America.  So it’s not like there is a lot of “Joe Colts fan” at the Super Bowl, even in Indy.

But this has the makings of a classic.  I believe pundits will be split on this game.  Can the Pats O line give Tom Brady enough time?  If they can, they will win.  Whenever he has time, no QB in the league can pick apart a secondary like Tom Brady.  And he will have a crazy chip on his shoulder from 07.  Don’t forget this is a guy that has never forgot that he was a 6th round pick (did you know that he was a 6th round pick by the way?)

However if the Giants front 4 can get to Brady like they did the last Super Bowl then Brady will obviously have trouble and Manning could have his way with the Pats defense.  Give them credit though, they have been ok thus far in the playoffs although I’m hesistant to give them too much credit since they have yet to face a QB or offense like the Giants have.

It’s going to be a hell of a great game though.  Ravens vs 49ers would have gave us the Harbaugh brothers storyline that would have been beaten to death and it likely would have been a boring game.  Ravens vs Giants would have also likely been a boring game with very few storylines, although Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs at media day would have been a must watch.  49ers vs the Pats you would have heard once or twice that Brady was a Niner fan growing up.  This has the potential to be the best matchup and how ironic that it will be played in Peyton’s house!

2 thoughts on “So many storylines!

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