Well…that’s humiliating!


The plan isn’t to write blogs about my picks, but in this case I have to.  I know that’s its highly unlikely that anyone uses these, they’ve been pretty sub par all season.  But this weekend was a new low.  I really hope on some level that someone did use these, because I would enjoy knowing that someone lost money while I lost my dignity!

Wow!  You can’t lose that much if you TRIED!  Seriously, that’s incredible.  Some of these I deserve blame for not thinking the picks through, some I don’t.  Start with the Bengals, I deserve blame on this one.  I thought a lot of things would cancel each other out and it would come down to rookie QB vs rookie QB.  No, the Texans got a much better defense than the Bengals and a much better run game.  Add in that they were at home and I should have known better.

The Saints and Lions was just the way it sometimes goes.  I was right, the Lions stayed in the game.  But once the Saints got up 10 the Lions starting trying to play catch up and that’s when the Saints blitzing/ball hawk defense gets you.

The Falcons and Giants game was humiliating not just for what I picked (Falcons +3), but for the Falcons in general.  That was pathetic.  Horrific coaching by Mike Smith, who along with Matt Ryan is now 0-3 in the playoffs.  The Giants are good, and have a knack to play up to there competition.  But they aren’t THAT good.  Just an awful game for the Falcons who have a lot of holes that they will need to address in the draf…oh that’s right, they don’t have a 1st because Julio Jones was going to turn them into the 1989 49ers.

And finally Timmy and the Broncos vs the Pittsburgh M.A.S.H.  “Oh that’s an excuse, Tebow is god!!!”  No, it’s a fact.  Just like the Broncos started to decline once they started playing better teams and there defense started getting dinged up.  Tebow played great, credit where credit is due.  I still don’t budge off my opinion that he isn’t a long term answer.  Totally get why everyone pulls for him, I pull for him, but the majority of people that say he will be great have no clue what they’re talking about.  But back to the Steelers, say what you want about Roethlisberger, he was a warrior out there today.  No Mendenhall, no Pouncy, and only 1 good ankle and he still led them back.

As for next week, I will say the Ravens easily dispose of the Texans, the Pats handle the Broncos, the Packers win a tight one against the Giants, and the Saints win a tight one over the Niners.  Steelers vs Pats would have given us 3 VERY intriguing games.  But it’s not like “Tebow v Brady: the rematch” lacks sizzle, I just think it will be very similar to the last game a month ago.

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