tempKDN_4851--nfl_mezz_1280_1024Well this is it!  The biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl.  And what a matchup this will be featuring the clear cut best teams from the AFC and NFC going at it.


Yes, New England vs Seattle is the contest most desired to see when the season began.  Can Tom Brady, maybe the best post season QB of all time be the one who finally figures out the vaunted Legion of Boom and the rest of the Seattle D?  We are now just 2 weeks from finding out!


Oh.  I forgot, each of these teams have games today.  Meh, I don’t care.  I’m calling the shot right now.


Andrew Luck is awesome, but he has no chance at all going to Foxboro.  The Pats humiliated the Colts earlier in the year with a running back who I’m not even sure is still with them!  Even in winning last week, you could tell the Colts are going to have absolutely no chance in this game.  Better D?  Pats.  Better run game?  Pats.  Better coach?  Pats.  Better QB?  Probably Colts, but it’s a tiny gap at best that doesn’t make up for all the short comings.


Up in Seattle, it’s just a horrible matchup for the Packers.  The Cowboys would have had a shot, as we seen earlier in the year when they went to Seattle and won.  We also saw the Packers go there and get embarrassed.  Sure, that was week 1 and the guy who caused the Green Bay D such problems is no longer with the Seahawks, but it doesn’t matter.  Russell Wilson is SO good, I don’t care what the hell his numbers are.  All the guy does is keep drives alive, and does so with basically no weapons.  So the Packers D won’t be able to get off the field as Lynch beats them up and Wilson converts 3rd down after 3rd down.


This will be the same story it always is when the Seahawks are on.  The game will be tight at the half, Pete Carroll will make his adjustments and the Seahawks will dominate the 2nd half.  Rodgers being hurt will not help matters, but even at 100% as good as Rodgers is I just don’t see it.


Unlike the Colts/Pats game, I do see at least a possibility of the Packers winning.  They need to give Eddie Lacy the ball 30-40 times which is easier said than done, and I believe they need to utilize Randall Cobb.  Trey Wingo of ESPN said Friday that he thinks the Packers will win and they’ll do so going to Cobb in the slot.  I personally believe they could do so running Cobb on a lot of screen plays and utilizing him the same way the Seahawks did Percy Harvin in week 1.


But in saying all that, it’s just not going to happen.  I’ll look like a total moron if I’m wrong, but you all know I’m a moron already so what do I have to lose?  Pats and Seahawks, both in routes, see you in Glendale boys.


Oh yeah, my picks.  4-0 last week.  8-0 in the playoffs IF I had not played the opposite game wildcard weekend.  So technically I’m 4-4 in the playoffs, but go back and read it and you’ll see I had all 4 of those games….not that I’m now extremely bitter about it or anything….


Green Bay at Seattle

Seahawks -7.5

As much as I just got through gushing over the Seahawks, I was tempted to take the Packers just because it’s a pretty big number.  But the Seahawks blow teams out and will again this week.


Indianapolis at New England

Patriots -6.5

Read the blog if you really want to know why.  I would take the Pats if the Colts were getting 20.5.


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