Ok, it’s 9:33 AM.  I’m REALLY late getting this started, but I guess we’ll see how I make out.  I have an hour and a half until the games start, so basically I have an hour to get this written.  Please excuse all the spelling mistakes that’ll certainly be made.  Coming off an OK 3-2 week, now at 36-29-6 on the season.


Green Bay at Chicago

Bears +6

For whatever reason, the Bears are showing signs of life.  Add to this, the weather is going to be BRUTAL for this game.  Aaron Rodgers is 0-3 in the weather that is expected for this game.  So 6 points is just far too many points here.  Packers win a very ugly and close game.


Philadelphia at Baltimore

Ravens -5

So I haven’t been too high on the Ravens all season long, but in this spot I’m making an exception.  I’m making an exception here because the Eagles have completely fallen apart and the betting public clearly hasn’t fully adjusted to this yet.  The Ravens are in short rest this week, but they’re also a very desperate team after the loss to the Pats.  I love the Ravens to blowout the Eagles today.


Tennessee at Kansas City

Titans +6

The Chiefs are coming off 10 days rest, but they’re also coming off a massive win against the Raiders.  I’m not at all saying the Titans will pull off the upset here, but I do think they can keep this game really close, and really ugly.  Also the Titans now are getting desperate in the “race” for the AFC South.  Two teams with great running games and similar QB’s, Chiefs win but Titans keep this one within a field goal.


Oakland at San Diego

Chargers +3

I said it before and I’ll say it again, I think the Chargers are winning this game outright.  10 days rest for the Raiders, and all of a sudden it is somewhat an important game for them.  But this is the Super Bowl for the Chargers.  This is possibly the last game for the Chargers in San Diego facing the Raiders.  That’s their number one rival, and it just won’t get any bigger than this for Chargers fans in San Diego, the ones that’ll be there.  The OTHER motivating factor for the Chargers will be that the stadium is expected to be over run by Raiders fans as it appears the Chargers will without a doubt be on the move after this season concludes.


Carolina at Washington

Redskins -6.5

The Panthers are just simply done.  Obviously they’ve been done for a few weeks now, but for a team that had Super Bowl aspirations coming into the season, some teams being done are worse than others.  And this line suggests to me that they’re trying to get people to bet on the Panthers because the love for Cam Newton and belief the Panthers are great likely hasn’t faded this much.  The Redskins can really take advantage of this secondary too that has been without their best DB all season, because they let him go to Washington ironically.




0-2 last week, 6-6 on the season.


Oakland at San Diego

Over 49.5

This is just too low.  Both teams with D’s you can really take advantage of, both teams with great QB’s, this will be a shootout between Rivers and Carr.


Carolina at Washington

Over 50.5

I learned my lesson last week.  Don’t ever take the under!!!  Panthers won’t be able to stop the Redskins offense even if Luke Kuechly returns, and Cam “frontrunner” Newton will be happy to play a D that doesn’t beat him up too much for his liking, so he’ll do his thing.



Guessing the Lines (week 16)

7/16 last week, 51/92 on the season.  The goal is to be within a point of the line.


NY Giants -3.5 at Philadelphia


Atlanta -4 at Carolina


Miami at Buffalo -1.5


Minnesota at Green Bay -2.5


NY Jets at New England -9.5


San Diego -6.5 at Cleveland


Tampa Bay -2 at New Orleans


Tennessee -6 at Jacksonville


Washington -4 at Chicago


Indianapolis at Oakland -6.5


Arizona at Seattle -7


San Francisco at Los Angeles -2.5


Cincinnati at Houston -3


Baltimore at Pittsburgh -3


Denver at Kansas City -4


Detroit at Dallas -6.5


Hmm, 10:23.  50 minutes.  Not bad.


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