Consistently inconsistent


Well they laid a beat down on the O’s tonight to stop the bleeding.  And the Jays didn’t come into this season expected to win the AL East.  No, the fans are extremely excited about this team (TV numbers and radio numbers are both up).  They love the new/old uni’s, love the youth, love the personalities on the team, but I don’t think anyone was claiming they would win the AL East….MAYBE the 2nd wild card spot.

But while they’re keeping themselves in the hunt, it’s been frustrating to watch.  This team always looks like they’re just about to take off.  They will win 2, 3 or 4 in a row.  And then a loss, followed by another loss, and usually 1 more just for good measure.

And you can’t really trace it back to the starting rotation.  Sure, sometimes Romero and Morrow will throw gems and Henderson Alvarez will follow with a solid outing.  But lately it’s been all over the map (see Ricky Romero’s late night fit he threw on twitter last week…his twit-fit).  

You can’t trace it back to the bats either.  The bats kind of are what they are.  Bautista has broken out of his early season slump, Encarnacion has been well above expectations as has Kelly Johnson, but Rasmus still isn’t producing at the plate (incredible in the field though) and Lind was horrific until his demotion. 

Then you have the bull pen and for some reason, despite Alex Anthropolus overhauling it from last season it is still a mess even beforeSantoswent down.  It’s just a team that can’t seem to keep its focus for a long.

But hey, it’s only the end of May.  Something baseball fans always want to do is act like the season isn’t 162 games long.  If anything got proved during last season is that you aren’t out of the race until at least September!  If the Jays can finally put that incredible streak together winning 10 of 12 or 15 of 18 then they could find themselves in 1st in the division at the All-Star break.  But at this point this team is just as likely to put a streak together losing that many.


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