downloadWhat a weekend I had last weekend!  I hope you enjoyed it if you used the picks because that’s not going to happen again for a LONG time!!  Not only was I 10-2 against the spread, 11-2 with my picks overall (College and pro, 1 over/under), but I moved to 3-0 in BOTH my fantasy leagues!  Yep, it’s ALL downhill from here!  It was a good ride while it lasted…..seriously though, last weeks 5-2 moves me to 8-8 on the season ATS, but I’m 3-0 picking the over/under game of the week so 11-8 with all my picks this season in the National.  Football.  League.


Green Bay at Chicago

Green Bay -2

“Chicago is better than Green Bay and they’re at home so you would be an idiot not to take the Bears!”  That’s what they want you to think.  Last Sunday morning I’m in Sobey’s getting groceries and a guy with a Darren Sproles jersey on is doing his sports select ticket at the same time as me (I like doing the pool picks where you just take the winners, impossible to win).  He says to me “probably taking Green Bay hey?”  The Packers remember were underdogs in Detroit and I said to him “it’s such an obvious pick that I would take the Lions”.  I was hot last week, what can I say?  Anyway, take the Pack giving the points.


Tennessee at Indianapolis

Indianapolis -7.5

That’s a lot of points to swallow.  But it doesn’t sound like Jake Locker is going to play and I’ve seen Charlie Whitehurst play….it ain’t pretty!  This game goes against a lot of what I don’t like to do (divisional game, swallowing a lot of points), but the Colts got off the mat in a big way last week vs the Jags and while their defense is weak, I don’t see how the Titans will put up many points against them.


Jacksonville at San Diego

Jacksonville +13

I must be a fool here because the Jags always seem to burn me.  Any time I believe they can overcome, they can’t.  But last year they did come through for me on one bet and it was against the Chargers.  This week, they’re getting a jolt from Blake Bortles starting.  I expect them to finally show some life for the first time since the first half in week 1 vs Philly, and I think the Chargers despite being great thus far have a bit of a let down.  And 13 is just a huge number, very few teams beat that spread.


New Orleans at Dallas

Dallas +3

I don’t trust the Cowboys, but what have the Saints done to gain anyone’s trust?  The Cowboys have had 2 pretty impressive wins this season, and might have played the Niners tight had the offense held onto the football.  Going into this season I jumped off the Cowboys bandwagon (not that I thought they were a contender, but I always thought they were better than most did), and I’m still not ready to say this team will compete for a playoff spot.  But they aren’t bad either.  And the Saints are a completely different team on the road than at home.  Now, playing in Dallas does mean they’re indoors so it’s not like Cleveland was, but the Saints have looked bad.  Even against Minny last week after jumping out 13-0 real early, they couldn’t pull away from the Vikings, who are terrible.  And again, I have a feeling that this is another line where Vegas is baiting the public into taking the Saints.  Take the Cowboys.


New England at Kansas City

Kansas City +3.5

The Patriots are 3.5 point favorites in this game?!  Obviously they’re capable of beating that spread, but they’ve been AWFUL thus far!  The Chiefs handled the Dolphins in Miami with ease.  The same Dolphins who pushed around the Pats just 2 weeks previous in Miami.  I don’t know where this has come from that the Chiefs have some awful team.  Yes, 2 years ago they had the top pick.  But they were poorly coached, bad at QB, and had a lot of major injuries.  Now they have a great coach, have a solid QB, and other than Jamal Charles are pretty healthy.  This is an easy pick in my mind.


New Orleans at Dallas

Over 53.5

It is one of those games where Vegas would have to get extreme with the point total to discourage me and likely many others.  I’m expecting a 30-27, 34-31 type game.  Not much more to say than that.


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